Accoutning for companies from only 90 PLN

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Accoutning for companies from only 90 PLN

We offer unique opportunity to cut down your costs using our accounting services for your company. We will help you in:

• start-up new company or partnership (Ltd.)
• all accounting services
• HR and payroll, Social Security statements (ZUS, KRUS)
• declarations PIT/CIT/VAT, excise and customs duties
• financial statements on montly, quaterly and yearly basis (profit and loss statements and balance sheets, other reporting adequate to specific needs)
• accounting of EU projects
• assistance in all activities

Price depends on monthly number of documents, services You need, company character and negotiations with me. Below table provides you orientation prices:
Number od invoices Self-employment accounting Limited liability company accounting (Sp. z o.o.)
1 – 30 90 – 150 PLN 195 – 390 PLN
31 – 50 155 – 200 PLN 395 – 540 PLN
51 – 100 205 – 270 PLN 540 – 770 PLN
>100 from 275 PLN from 775 PLN

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